Why contract excursions with a local company?


We show you some of the benefits and differences when hiring a local company in Phuket for your excursions and activities.


>> Direct agent, we are located on the island of Phuket and the tours are operated by us or direct partners here on the island. Companies located in other countries are intermediaries and makes the management in any problem that may happen is not adequate. Example, ¨A client at 7 am on Sunday is waiting for the pick up for an excursion, waits for more than an hour and has not been picked up for various reasons (error in the reservation, misunderstanding or any other reason...). The client calls his agency in Spain and at that time and Sunday there is no one to answer, when he answers the solution will not be fast or direct because the agency will have to contact the authorized company to find out what has happened .... may claim to his agency but that day will never recover ¨ This is a very common problem because of the cultural difference, language and schedule usually happens a lot, in our case if any unforeseen event arises we try to solve it almost instantly, making the customer does not lose the day. The same applies to any problem on the way or during the tour that may occur, we give a quick solution, in english and being in the same place as the customers we can move personally to the hotel or other required place. Another common problem in rainy season is the possible cancellation of the tour due to rain, from here we can tell you which day may be the right one and if it is not possible to do it, we can give you a quick solution without waiting or expensive phone calls. We all wish that there are no problems, but it is always better to be prepared and if there are any problems to solve them instantly so you can enjoy your vacation without worries.


>> Best prices, we work and live in Phuket, our day to day are the excursions in Phuket nobody outside Phuket or companies that operate in other places will have a better price than us, sure there are cheaper and more expensive excursions, but the same that we offer at the same price will be impossible and if they tell you that it is the same they are lying, passing through the hands of some and others creates over costs in the final price without a doubt.


>> We will explain everything sincerely, any advice about the activity to do or doubts about Phuket we will answer you in English from Phuket and based on our experience. There are many companies located in other countries that many of the activities have never been done or have not even been here, there are many honest companies but apart from honesty is necessary knowledge of the place. To know if an excursion is too far from your hotel area, the way to get there, if it is advisable for children or not, if it is unnecessary to hire x excursion if you have already visited x are some of the examples.


>> Difference with companies located in Bangkok, Chiang Mai... although they are in the same country and work the same schedule, they are not direct contacts and will end up paying for an economic excursion the price of the one we have premium option. Another example can be in rainy seasons, no one is going to know the weather or sea state as the companies located in Phuket and working on the island daily. The thinking of companies outside Phuket is usually to sell without caring if the excursion will be cancelled due to weather conditions... and with what this entails in loss of vacation days and headaches with money refunds. We will give you the best advice on the right day and any problems will be solved instantly as we are located on the same island.


>> After the payment or after the end of the activity, if any problem or doubt arises, emails with late answers, expensive phone calls or directly without answering... THIS DOES NOT EXIST WITH US. Like everyone we can make mistakes, but we will never abandon the client or give him long of any kind, any problem will be solved as soon as possible and we will always give a quick response, this along with the quality of the activities is what makes us stand out from the rest.


>> The person in charge of Panda Phuket Tour has the studies and sufficient capacity to be responsible for Panda Phuket Tour and the whole team. It is very important that when looking for a company that the legal representative is local, because in case of any problem you will be protected with the tourism laws applied in Thailand becuse in case of any problem these people are usually intermediaries and having nothing to hold them here can disappear overnight, keep in mind that in Thailand to sell or perform activities always has to be the legal person a local, with licenses and qualified studies for the business.

All these tips or examples are based on the many cases that we have seen repeated and that we have verified by ourselves with customers telling us their experience, it is written with the best intention and above all for all tourists to enjoy Thailand and the wonderful island of Phuket to the fullest, taking the best memory so you can repeat on a next occasion.